Wooden Toys

Handmade Educational Wooden Rocking Toys

Each Rocker is hand finished by the family and sent to your child with love and warmth knowing the Rocking Toy contributes towards their physical, mental developments as well as hours of fun, laughter and relaxation.

All our Rocking Toys are available at ETSY

rocking toy jumbo rainbow - Schaukelelefant Jumbo Regenbogenwippe

Montessori Toy & Balance Board

Handmade Wooden Rocking toy jumbo puzzle - Schaukelelefant Jumbo mit magnetischem Puzzle und Baby

Animal Jigsaw Rocking Swing for Nursery

rocking toy birdie blue - Schaukeltier Birdie blau

Balance Board & Baby Floor Swing

rocking toy icebird - Schaukeltier Eisvogel

Rocking Swing and Balance Board - Icebird

rocking toy birdie RAINBOW - Regenbogenschaukel Birdie

Rainbow Rocking Swing and Balance Board

rocking toy birdie white - Schaukeltier Birdie weiss

White Birdie Rocker - Educational Rocker Toy

rocking horse white - Holzschaukelpferd weiss für Babys

Nobsi Montessori Toy & Balance Board “ROCKING HORSE white”

rainbow rocking horse - Schaukelpferd Regenbogenwippe

Nobsi Montessori Toy & Balance Board “ROCKING HORSE rainbow”

Montessori Rocker Horse Natural - Montessori Schaukelpferd Naturholz

Nobsi Montessori Toy & Balance Board “ROCKING HORSE natural”

rocking toy flamingo - Schaukletier Flamingo Holzspielzeug

Rocking Toy FLAMINGO

rocking toy swan - Bogenwippe Schwan Schaukeltier

Rocking Swing Swan

rainbow rocker board game - Schaukeltier Birdie Brettspiel

Board Game Rocker

rocker toy jumbo pink - Schaukelelefant Holz pink

Rocking Toy JUMBO PINK

rocker toy jumbo blue - Schaukelelefant Holz blau

Rocking Toy JUMBO BLUE

rocker toy jumbo for kids white - Schaukelelefant weiss


Rocker toy birdie pink - Schaukeltier Birdie pink als Spieltisch