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The Family of Nobsi

Anna-Liisa, Certified Midwife, Mother and Rocking Toy Creator and Designer - Anna-Liisa, zertifizierte Hebamme, Mutter und Schöpferin und Designerin von Schaukelspielzeug

Creators story

My name is Anna-Liisa, I am a housewife, mother, midwife and artisan creator of the rocking toys.

After university graduation, I started working at a hospital as a midwife. I love my job a lot and have always looked for my “own thing”.

I got the idea of making wooden rocking toys when I saw a picture of a child’s swing on the internet, its potential sparked my creative attention as the implementation wasn’t as great as I would have liked.

The idea started nicely, I started imagining how I would like to see the rocking toy evolve, what styles of rocking toy would suit our home.

Before the Rocking Toy creation I had other activities and hobbies for example, I took a massage course, also tried sewing, but the creative feeling I now is completely different – I just knew in an instant that I have to start making the Rocking Toy.

At first, I had quite a few thoughts about the design and I created the first sketches on paper.

Over time, my designs have developed their own identity and today I have created my own brand thanks to the support of my husband, family and friends – Nobsi.

Read more about my story here

Regenbogen-Schaukel-Familie von Nobsi
Anna-Liisa, Samuel, Aaron, Mirko

Nobsi is a family business born from the artisan design of its creator. Our unique designed Rocking Toys are now sold throughout the Baltic’s and now available to you.

Every one of the Rocking Toys are made with highest quality natural wood from our sustainable forests with water based child safe paints for the exquisite designs.

Each Rocker is hand finished by the family and sent to your child with love and warmth knowing the Rocking Toy contributes towards their physical, mental developments as well as hours of fun, laughter and relaxation.

Our Fun Nobsi Team

Nobsi Handmade Wooden Toys - Nobsi Schaukeltiere, Schaukelpferde


Creator and Designer. Anna communicates with all her customers, is responsible for the quality control with every rocking toy being inspected by her personally.

Constructor Mirko and Chief Tester Samuel - Konstrukteur Mirko und Cheftester Samuel

Mirko and Samuel

Mirko constructs, posts and deals with various day to day Nobsi tasks.
Samuel is our chief tester for rocking toys and of course a photographic model!

Aaron with rocking toy jumbo rainbow - Aaron mit Schaukelelefant Jumbo Regenbogenwippe


Aaron is full of energy. When he does stay in one place then he tries all sorts of exciting tricks with the rocking toys plus he enjoys being a super model in the pictures.

Spicy our dog - Spicy unser Hund


Moral support, guardian and a great companion. Likes to watch how others work and play. Maybe Spicy is the actual boss?


Nobsi - Let Your Childs Joy Fly!