Five advantages of wooden toys for children

With so many flashy toys to choose from, parents often get overwhelmed when trying to make the best choices for their children. You want toys that are educational, safe, affordable, durable, and play a role in developing essential mental and physical skills.

White Wooden Horse Rocker - Schaukelpferd weiss naturholz für Babys
Montessori inspired rocking horse

Plastic toys are easily accessible and varied, which made their wooden counterparts fall out of favor. However, with the Montessori method gaining more and more popularity among new parents, the timeless wooden toys are finally making their comeback. Let’s have a look at their main benefits:

1. Wooden toys are safe

Any parent’s primary concern is safety, especially because kids tend to put everything in their mouths. While plastic toys break easily and leave small parts that may be ingested, that is not the case for sturdy wooden toys. At the same time, plastic toys contain harmful toxins like BPA and lead – and not even renowned brands make an exception

To give you a bit of perspective, around 1,5 million Fisher-Price preschool toys and 253,000 Pixar Sarge die-cast toy cars with lead paint were recalled recently due to high lead content, which is toxic for children. Our Nobsi toys, for example, are crafted with extra care to ensure that even the paint is water-based and non-toxic so that your little ones can play without any concern on your side.

2. Wooden toys promote creative play

Another primary advantage of wooden toys is that they require a child’s imagination and creative thinking, which are crucial for their growth and development. However, many modern toys take all the creativity out of playing and often come with a predetermined plotline, especially when it comes to toys that are part of a licensed property.

Unlike gadgets and fancy toys, the wooden ones don’t have electronic parts and means to instruct the child on what to do. Instead, they allow your little one to role-play and create their own world from scratch, using the power of imagination and stimulating emotional intelligence, social intelligence, critical thinking, focus, and motor skills.

Toys like Nobsi don’t come with buttons, switches, screens, and distracting sounds that may cause sensory overload and not bring any value. They are designed to inspire your children to unleash their creativity and become the creators of their universe.

3. Wooden toys are eco-friendly

If you’re concerned about climate change and want to do your bit to preserve the environment, then using products that don’t damage the environment is a simple step towards a greener future for your children.

Wooden toys like Nobsi are crafted with ethically sourced wood and are a much more eco-friendly option than plastic toys. Moreover, biodegradable wooden toys are produced without any nasty chemicals and can easily be recycled at the end of their life span, unlike plastic toys, which often end up as rubbish in landfills if they break.

Wooden toys are eco-friendly

4. Wooden toys are durable

Because we haven’t really seen toddlers treating their toys carefully and putting them back in the box gently, it’s safe to say that wooden toys will last much longer than plastic alternatives that break easily. Sturdy wooden toys are made to endure rough treatment and can even be passed down the generations, never losing their timeless charm.

5. Wooden toys connect children and nature

Children should be in touch with the natural world from a young age – and you can provide them with the means to achieve that at home as well. A wooden toy creates an elevated sensory experience, engaging all the senses and becoming an organic extension during playtime. Recent research indicates that natural materials like wood are calming and help children focus better. Touching wood may have a positive neurological impact, inducing physiological relaxation and reducing anxiety.

The bottom line

While many plastic toys are designed to be used for a short time and kicked into the landfill, that’s not the case for wooden toys. It’s safe to conclude that wooden toys are some of the best investments in your child’s education, as they are eco-friendly, safe, durable, and great for stimulating their imagination while boosting cognition and fine motor skills.

Our handmade Nobsi toys are not just educational but multifunctional as well, as a single toy can be used for more than six purposes, offering your little one endless fun. Check out our shop and choose your favorites.

climbing toys for toddlers - Kletterbogen für Kleinkinder
Endless fun with wooden rocking toy